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San Jorge Island or Bird Island as coined by Americans

These pictures say it all. Man and animals living and swimming together. You have to speak up to be heard with 4,000 seals and sea lions competing for dominance. The barking chatter amongst them is constant. On land it becomes apparent we have the advantage in mobility; however, in the water they show off and are definitely the masters.

When you get close to Island San Jorge you know why Americans call it Bird Island

Here are 4 stowaways getting a free ride back to the Island. Everyone left the front deck afraid they would scare them away. I convinced one gal to walk in front convincing her that the birds would not mind her presence to take this photo.

Bird Island up close with the natural white paint above the high tide line

The birds do a paint job on the island that can be best appreciated by seeing the color change at the high tide line.

Catchin air

Sleek and powerful

Swimming with the kids

Doing it with pride

Coming at you

When you see this it is comforting to know she is showing off and not looking for a meal.

After while you see only the streamlined beauty not the emotion of "I have to move". She came right up to the mask and stopped, then she backed up.

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The Ecological "Eco" Viewing Platform is the only one of its kind in the world. It allows you to see all the sea creatures in their natural habitat. Nothing is staged or set up in this natural reserve.
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Peñasco Activities Center. We will schedule all of your activities land sea or air.

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